Welcome to the 'Bradford County Airport (N27)'


Bradford County Airport Authority

Mission Statement:


The mission of the Bradford County Airport Authority is to manage the airport facilities and operations to encourage general aviation,

air commerce, and economic development for Bradford County.


The airport will serve as an asset to the businesses and residents of Bradford County; and local, regional and national aviation consumers by ensuring that the range, level and quality of aviation products, services and facilities desired are being provided at the airport.


Key Strategies:


1. Provide full service FBO (fixed base operator).


2. Market the airport to expand aviation related business by either partnering with existing businesses or attracting new businesses.


3. Develop a strategic plan for growth through prudent use of resources (fiscal responsibility) while focusing on customer service. Stay abreast of community growth and needs by partnering and/or leading with our community for economic development.




Kieran T. "Kerry" Spaulding, MA, MS, CFI

FAA Certified Flight Instructor

Bradford County Airport (N27) Manager

Robert Heinrich, A&P IA

Independent Operator and Owner of

Heinrich Aviation

"The Bradford County Airport crew is pleased to announce that Bob Heinrich, of Heinrich Aviation, has established his aircraft repair and inspection service at N27. Bob is an independent operator and is available for your airframe, powerplant, and inspection needs. Feel free to contact Bob at the cell number listed."

Bradford County Airport (N27)

415 Airport Road, Towanda, PA,

United States

Telephone: +1.570.265.4900

Fax: +1.570.265.9825

Email: bcaa@epix.net

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