Airport Information:


41-44.19N 076-19.55W

Mag Var: 12 deg W


TYPE: VOR  ID: CFB   FREQ: 112.2



Communication Frequency:

Unicom- 123.0     FF-122.65    CTAF-123.0

FSS: Williamsport 122.65

Elevation: 730 MSL

Charts: New York: L12. L25

Traffic Pattern: All Aircraft: 2000 MSL

Runways: 5-23: 4300X75  Asphalt: PCL (STD)

Taxiways: A, B, & C lighted

Approaches: GPS Runway 23

Pattern: Std. Left Hand

Lights: Beacon SS to SR   T/W & R/W 123.0

3 Clicks=Low, PAPI & REILS

5 Clicks=Med,

7 Clicks=High

AWOS Weather: 119.925

Notes: Intensive Flight Training

Fuel: 100LL, Jet A

(See 'Fuel Price' link for more details)

Courtesy Car:

Call ahead or see office personnel upon arrival

Rental Car:

Enterprise 570-265-0916



7am to 5pm Monday - Friday

8am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday

Office Closed on major holidays.


Tiedown fee, hanger fee, and overnight parking fee (parking fee waived with purchase of fuel)



Fuel:  Over-the-wing and single point Jet A available.


During normal business hours, please call 570-265-4900.

After Hours, please call 570-637-4902.


Click here for current Fuel Prices


All prices include taxes and are SELF SERVE 24 HOURS A DAY.

Bradford County Airport (N27)

415 Airport Road, Towanda, PA,

United States

Telephone: +1.570.265.4900

Fax: +1.570.265.9825


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