Due to unforeseen circumstances regarding our liability insurance coverage,

our flight training school has been forced to suspend operations.

We hope to have this issue corrected in the very near future.  The following information will serve to help you better understand the FAA training requirements for a private pilot license. Please check back with us here for updated information or feel free to call us at the airport office.

1.  HOW MUCH IS THIS GOING TO COST?  You pay as you go, you need a minimum of 40 hours.  You pay per tenth of a hobbs hour for the aircraft and an hourly rate for the instructor.  We see people complete their training in a few months and also several years.  This is a really based around your time schedule and financial ability.  You only pay for what you do.


2.  What is the cost?  Please call the airport office for currently rental costs at 570-265-4900.


3. What times are available?  The airport offers flight training that is a non traditional class setting.  We do our best to work around your schedule.  Meaning if Tuesdays are best for you, Tuesdays are best for us (pending any already schedule appointments).


4. What do you require from me on day one?  Before you fly of the first time, we require some paperwork filled out (rental agreement, information card, insurance information), a valid drivers license, and a copy of your passport or birth certificate.


5. Am I flying on the first day?  YES, weather permitting and as long as you supplied everything in question 4.


6. You said a "Minimum of 40 hours", so at 40 I have my private pilots license?  No, you need a minimum of 40, some people take 40, some take 140.  Everyone is different.


7. DO I NEED A MEDICAL EXAM?  Yes, before you solo fly.


8. I HAVE SO MANY MORE QUESTIONS, WHO DO I CALL?  Though we love emails, texts, and facebook messages, we find that everyone asks totally different questions and a face to face conversation or a phone call works the best.  Please call the airport or an instructor.  Phone information is below.  Or stop by, we would love to meet you.


9. I WANT TO SCHEDULE A LESSON! Though we love emails, texts, and facebook messages, to better schedule you we ask for a face to face conversation or a phone call works the best.


Call the Bradford County Airport for more details!


Airport: (570) 265 4900

Bradford County Airport (N27)

415 Airport Road, Towanda, PA,

United States

Telephone: +1.570.265.4900

Fax: +1.570.265.9825

Email: bcaa@epix.net

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